Once at CAC

“Once on This Island” Review

Destiny Vasquez, Cactus Writer

When I saw the rehearsals for the musical “Once on This Island” I knew the show was going to be great but to see it opening night was something altogether amazing. The set was beautiful and when the musical started it just came to life. What surprised me the most though was who I didn’t see at the rehearsals. The Musical had several very talented kids join in on the stage and share the spotlight with some of our class mates. The scenes were so creative I could hardly contain my excitement as I saw the blue cloth being waved around like the ocean and someone holding one of the little kids to make it seem like she was floating in an ocean storm. There was also the cool video of one of the main actors driving a Jeep with an island backdrop, that was cheesy, but that only added to the musical’s charm. The beautiful music and the wonderful acting made the sad story not so sad and the hope-filled lesson gave the audience something to walk away with. Love is powerful and although things in our life may not work out how you want them to, there is still something special about our lives and nothing is ever hopeless. I must admit I was completely smitten with everything this musical had to offer and I’m sure everyone who was there felt the magic that was on that stage that Friday night. This just goes to show you how much CAC has to offer to the community and to eager students young and old to learn and have fun while doing it.

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