CAC’s Jazz Ensemble Wows the Audience

Hector Castellanos, Cactus Writer

The Central Arizona Jazz Ensemble presented their live jazz show ” Originality” on November 17th. The show was extremely fun and entertaining, full of great music, laughter, culture, and a create vibe that filled the crowd. Each member of the band performed incredibly well! They all played as if they had a color to contribute to paint a bigger picture. Eleven songs were played for the evening and each song had its own little story. For example, Little Brown Jug was an old song written in 1869 by Joseph Winner. It was originally a drinking song, it remained well known as a folk song into the early 20th century. Like many songs which refer to alcohol, it enjoyed new popularity during the Prohibition era. Although all the songs were great, out of all the songs played Blue Note Blues was my favorite. The many instruments played from different types of saxophones to the many trumpets. They all complimented each other so well to form a hypnotizing song, you just couldn’t help but be engaged. The Jazz band produced a great show that made the audience so interested, one of the audience members said ” I love it, each song is better than the last!”. Overall the jazz band had a killer performance with many talented young and experienced musicians. I look forward to the next great performance from these talented musicians.