Snow College Basketball

Vaquero’s Bring Home Big Win

Hector Castellanos, Cactus Writer

The CAC Vaqueros basketball team played against Montana Western on November 12. The Vaqueros had an early lead in the first half dominating inside the paint and from deep. By the end of the first half it was CAC 67, Montana Western 30, down by 37 points. Montana continued to change players subbing in and out experimenting with their defense and offense. During the second half CAC continued to dominate picking every single weakness Montana was showing that day. CAC passed through MWU with quick drives and smart passing. By the middle of second half MWU was down 40 points; MWU 44 and CAC 84. CAC showed an unbreakable defense despite MWU never giving up and giving it their all. It seemed like the pressure CAC dished out just was to much for MWU. By the last two minutes of the game, CAC was up 41 points demolishing MWU’s defense. A lot of frustration cold be seen on the court during the last few minutes of the game, MWU picked up at least five more fouls in the last two minutes, leading CAC to gain more points at the free throw line. By the end of the game the Vaqueros beat MWU with a solid lead, final score; CAC 114, MWU 69.  CAC’s basketball team played a great game showing their talent, skill, and investment of hard work on the court. Everyone at the game thought both teams played great with CAC taking the well-deserved win off Montana Western.}