Destination… University

Navigating the way for an easy transfer


Sierra Lewis, Cactus Writer

The semester is ending and there’s a possibility you are entering your last leg of your trip through CAC, and after this spring you’ll be on your way to the university of your choice. Applications will start being due and the deadlines will fast approach you in the spring. Before you even finish your time as a student here at CAC you’ll need to be accepted and ready to go finish your academic career off at the university you have chosen. The task you may already be in the middle of seems daunting, having to repeat the dreaded last few weeks of senior year at high school again, picking up those transcripts and submitting the applications before the feared deadline passes. This time though, you’re a little older, a little wiser and CAC is going to help make it easy, if you follow the right steps.

Making sure your transfer is stress free is what I am here for today! I want to make sure you know the right steps, and know exactly what you’re doing, so you do not feel like you’re trapped in a dark room, with no way out. You should first make an appointment with an advisor here at CAC, you need to have your AGEC map ready to discuss, your university choices narrowed down and preferably your major decided. You should also bring information to your meeting about the university of your choice, for example, if you have chosen education as your major, bring in information on the college of education at the university of your choice. At your meeting your advisor will most likely make sure you are on your way to a complete AGEC or you’re on the right track to soon earning your associate degree depending on what transfer path you decided to take. After this meeting you should then contact an advisor from the university you have chosen. Then set up a meeting, most university’s here in Arizona have an advisor that will see only CAC students, to make your transfer even smoother, contact them.

After you have met with both these advisors you will have an idea of exactly what steps your university will recommend you follow when applying. Then, near the end of this semester or the beginning of the spring semester, you will need to put in a request for your college transcripts so your most recent grades will be included. As an extra tip, you should also check with your university advisor to see if high school transcripts and test scores also need to be sent in with your application. Make sure with your transcripts, your AGEC is applied. You may either send in your transcripts yourself or have CAC send them for you. Once you have your transcripts in hand and the AGEC classes applied you can start applying!

Some “tips” I would also recommend would be make sure you know all deadlines for all applications, the deadlines for each university will vary, in and out-of-state. Make sure you read through all the details of your application process for the university you have chosen, as they also will vary. Do not be afraid to go see an advisor here at CAC, and make a few appointments throughout your transfer and application process to make sure you are on the right path. Ask questions, stay on top of things, and be aware of how the system works. If you follow these steps I think you’ll find the transfer process is not as hard as it may seem. All that is left then, is waiting for that acceptance letter! Good luck!d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);