Hello Students, Would You Like Some Candy?


Michaela Korges, Cactus Contributor

If you ask anyone who was there what they thought of the Halloween bash here at Maricopa than you would probably get a response like.

It was really cool to engage with other students and put faces to our Student Leadership. 

I liked the amount of action and the food.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

That last quote comes from one of our willing professors who was subjected to a face-full of whip cream, so if you doubt that there was a good time to be had than maybe you just needed a little food thrown at you. If that isn’t your style than maybe you would have liked watching your SLO officers practicing their runway turns to the tune of “I’m too sexy”. Perhaps you could have got a kick out trying to guess the last words of some of America’s most famous (what did Alfred Hitchcock say before he died?). If none of those tickle your fancy, then I bet I could still entice you with the free food and fellowship that flowed abundantly as air.

Yes, the folks at SLO were up to their old tricks again trying to convince students to take a break from running from class to class and enjoy games and snacks (the scoundrels). What really made this event different however, were the people that came and added the sound of conversation to the air and tried their hand at the games. So to those of you who couldn’t remember what movie a creepy line was from or who got your hand covered in shaving cream, thank you, thank you all. Although our little Halloween party was one of the most successful we had when it comes to attendance there was still room for more, so please, look at the event flyers posted on your classroom door and tell a friend if you attended and enjoyed one of these kinds of SLO events.

Now I know what you all are wondering (ok I don’t but just work with me), ‘What about the pied professors Michaela?” Well I am happy to report that your bloodlust has been satisfied. The students who did show up to the Halloween party were able to witness sever of their old professors letting themselves be pied (one of them at the hands of yours truly) all because students were willing to stuff the little jars that were in the learning center for most of October. I am happy to inform those who contributed that their hard earned cash was not wasted but went to shelters that support those who have been victims or who might be victims of domestic abuse. We here at, SLO collected approximately one hundred seventy-five dollars to fund a saving grace for those who need to get out of a difficult family situation. So even if you didn’t attend your donation may have made this event just a little sweeter.} else {