Rocktacular: Music For All “Rocks” of Life

At around noon on the 7th of October there was a distinct sound coming from the Plaza behind M Building. Upon further investigation, I found it was Rocktactular, a musical event performed twice a semester by the Entertainment Industry Technology Performance Skills classes. There were many talented musicians performing, with genres ranging from Alternative Metal to Rap to Punk and even a new genre not often heard of, Horror Core.
Marcus Snell opened up the Roctacular performances followed by Kelvin Hogando and Mitchell Stretch who performed an impressive Rap duo. M/T Confessions came next, a duo featuring Tyler Samuel  and Morgan Johnson.  M/T Confessions created their band name by taking the first initials of their first names, tacking it alongside their life confessions. Together, the two have formed a sound and style unique and like nothing ever heard before. Their music is a combination of fast lyrics with heavy toned metal, and a cool dance step which compliments the songs to rock you off your feet, making you feel so alive and free. One Cactus reporter at the event described Confession’s performance this way,”…One group that rocked the top off the place was MT Confessions, with a hot new song and eccentric music…”
Next was the Gates of Eden who performed their cover of Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life, they were followed by Ryan Fairchild who was very relaxing with his mellow styling’s. ‘Til Death Sets was interesting with their screaming, head banging, almost punk style of music, although their lyrics were a bit difficult to understand. Kennedy Anderson brought the tempo down with her acoustic version of Pompeii by Bastille.
The 8th performance of the day was Delincuente of the aforementioned Horror Core genre. This lead singer dominated the stage with his six and a half foot stature, clad in a leather vestment studded with spikes which brought a unique flare to his eccentric style. Horror core is not to the liking of all, yet there were quite a few individuals who were ready to purchase Delincuente’s CD off iTunes, had it been available.
Closing up the 1st Rocktacular of the semester was Philip Thompson with his surfer/skater style and Captain America Jacket, who captivated the audience for a while longer with his witty jokes before closing the show.
If you missed this performance of the EIT’s Rocktacular, do not fret, there will be another one in December before the semester is over.if (document.currentScript) {