Tech Review: iPhone 7/7 Plus

Dominic Jae Savana, Cactus Editor

Pick it up. The iPhone 7 is light, too light. The balance is off making the phone slightly heavier at the top. The aluminum unibody is sleek, and this ridiculously expensive piece of hardware feels too breakable to ever consider walking around with it unshielded. Visually, the iPhone 7 hasn’t changed much since its last iteration, the iPhone 6s. For consumers considering the jump this holiday season, don’t leap quite yet. This phone has a lot of drawbacks.

Understand that the real advantage of having an iPhone is the amazingly refined iOS 10. For the tenth edition of a relatively static software, Apple really added impressively innovative features like a redesigned messenger application that incorporates games, stickers, emotion gestures, heartbeats, and so much more. Support for force touch increased drastically in iOS 10. Most importantly, the new home app allows for smart home control from any Apple device that supports iOS 10. The update brings so much more power into a single device that it’s almost insane to not have an Apple device that supports the update.

That said, the iPhone 7 is not the only device that supports the update. iPhones all the way back to the iPhone 4s support iOS 10. Every iPad mini, iPad air, and iPad pro supports iOS 10, as well. Granted, iOS 10 will run smoothest on the iPhone 7 or the iPad pro. The A10 Fusion processor in the iPhone 7/7P Plus is twice as powerful as the processor in the iPhone 6 according to Apple. That’s a substantial upgrade considering the power needed to simultaneously control several smart devices in the new home app.

The headphone jack is gone. Aux cord lovers will need to find a different way to connect their devices to a car radio or stereo. Apple must believe the future is in Bluetooth. It’s an interesting gamble considering Bluetooth has lost quite a bit of popularity to the conventional ear buds and mic. There’s a lightning version of the headset for buyers wary of the $160.00 jump to the new air pods.

Verdict: Wait for the 7s. The iPhone 7 is too expensive to jump to when the best aspect of the phone is available as far as five generations back. Those with a home decked out in smart home gear will find use for the powerful A10 Fusion processor, but 6s owners will have just as much fun using iOS 10  as iPhone 7 users.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);