Exciting Changes at Signal Peak Campus Ahead

Miranda Martinez, Cactus Writer

On September 13, 2016, members of CAC’s student body attended a meeting to learn about the new student union being built at Signal Peak. The meeting consisted of explaining the layout of our new student union and science building (S Building). We also talked about how the students would use and see the building. It included talking about the color pallet and the setup of the study room and cafeteria. The next meeting will be dedicated to discussing how the cafeteria is organized and how it will affect the serving of our meals. In an effort to get a diverse group to look and speak out for the student body a handful of students, were chosen by different teachers and faculty. Personally, I believe that the meeting went well as we were able to voice our opinions on how the student body will use this new resource.

The new student union will be built on a portion of the green, keeping a large sum but taking the side near the current maintenance building. The current cafeteria area will be demolished and turned into more parking. The new student union will house the book store, cafeteria, a new lounge and a new café. There will be a large room that can be utilized for meetings, gatherings and even parties. It also has a new study area to help create more quiet areas for students to work or simply rest between classes. There will also be offices for different groups on campus and separate areas for group studying. The new student union will have indoor and outdoor seating for the cafeteria.  The architects did take into account the heat and made sure the seating was covered and hopefully we will have misters or fans of some sort to help keep the area cool. During the meeting the students did recommend what they believed would help with the student’s experience. They spoke about how there should be areas to study and snack, areas to relax and play games and watch TV. All of these are just ideas and at the moment nothing is set in stone, and is why they wanted students at the meetings, to help better voice what the student body will want to utilize at the student union.

The current science building or S building will also be demolished and a new science building is being built next to the Pence center. The layouts and architectural setup of the buildings are very modern. Both are being built to help better the student experience here at Central Arizona College. The pictures shown are of the lay out and can also be found on the Cactus website.  The new science building will be designed to make it easier to move in the classrooms and relax between 3 hour lectures. Another advantage of constructing the new science building next to the Pence, is with the demolition of the existing building, a lot of light pollution from around the telescope will be gone, helping better the astronomy classes. All in all, this new construction is exciting and will be a great benefit to future CAC students.} else {