I’m With Her

Dominic Jae Savana, Cactus Editor

Nearly four years ago, I skipped class to cast my first vote in a presidential election for incumbent President Barack Obama. Obama was clearly going to win New Jersey, so cynicism is all that would have kept me from the polls on November 8th. My vote was not a deciding vote but a statement vote. You see, after four years, Obama had accomplished about half of what he promised in his 08’ run. Mitt Romney seemed appealing until he unveiled his plan to restructure government funding for college grants and loans. Above all other policy positions, I will never vote for a politician that does not support the continuing education of our population.

Despite Romney’s education stance, I never felt that I would be betraying the United States of America and her citizens if I cast my ballot for Romney. As a liberal Democrat, my sensibilities don’t necessary match up well with the conservative Romney, but he would have been a competent leader. I grew up under the Trump shadow in New Jersey. Better than 97% of Arizona residents, I can speak to this man’s character, so I will not let my silence be my betrayal. Donald J. Trump would not be a competent leader. Donald J. Trump would not be an ethical leader. If neither of those criteria is being met, what’s left?

In the area of competency, could anyone deny the unprecedented breadth of qualifications that Hillary Rodham Clinton brings to the proverbial table? She is a legal genius. She transformed the office of First Lady of the United States into an advocacy role from the photogenic, political arm candy role that propelled two centuries of men into office. She’s not traditional, but she’s the person that I want my daughters and sons to read about when I’m older, a trailblazer and breaker of conventions. Instead of running the Clinton Foundation with President Bill Clinton, she runs for a Senate seat in New York where she serves for eight years during the Bush Administration. She proves a fierce opponent for Barack Obama in ’08, and in earning his respect, Hillary is offered the position of Secretary of State. No political track record is perfect. Hillary’s is marred by a vote for the Iraq War, a resolution passed by seventy-seven votes, and the loss of four Americans in a terrorist raid at a U.S. embassy in Benghazi. The people who represent the United States of America are not infallible gods. It is unabashedly partisan and biased to believe Secretary Clinton’s record is a poor record when the bright spots significantly outweigh the dark. We have never had a man or woman more qualified to hold the office of president. There is nothing more to say.

The argument of Hillary Clinton’s ethics is where her critics score major blows. After all, she is a politician, and politicians are known for lying, cheating, scandal, corruption, etc. Without a doubt, Hillary has used her position in life in for her own personal gain, just like each and every one of us. Men and women in the private sector undoubtedly use their position to become absurdly wealthy, often at the expense of thousands of people, and are amazingly redeemed by our country’s capitalist values. It’s baffling. Hillary Clinton has lived a life of public service and used her position to become wealthy, for herself, for her family. I don’t blame her; in fact, I applaud her for being able to do both. What I do know is ethically pure about Hillary Clinton is that she will force the issue of equal pay for men and women. Governor Mike Pence signed a discriminatory law against homosexuals in Indiana, but Hillary will undoubtedly continue the party policy of equal rights under the law for members of the LGBTQ+ community. As an ally, I have to support a candidate that fights for their rights, even if they aren’t mine. Most importantly, and this is once again my motive for voting Democrat, Hillary Clinton will take Bernie Sanders policy proposals to the mainstream and create funding for free public college. Even if it is only community colleges, the funding will help millions of Americans become qualified for new jobs in fields created in the past decade. I have to support that because I believe the only path to prosperity in the United States is when American citizens are empowered to take their futures into their own hands.

I stand with Hillary Clinton.