What the “Universe” Holds: Steven Universe

Destiny Vasquez, Cactus Writer

Let’s Consider this article part review and part me just raving, about how awesome the show “Steven Universe” is. Normally, a kids show that airs on Cartoon Network, this show appeals to adults as well children. Now, why would a kids show cause adults, like myself, to go all fan girl crazy over it. Well that answer comprises a lot of valid reasons.

The show is about a young boy named Steven Quartz Universe. A warm hearted coming of age story, where the young Steven must learn his place among humans and his alien caretakers the Crystal Gems. Four seasons in and a lot has occurred in the show that has made fans cry, laugh, and just get all lovey dovey inside, but I want to get into what makes this show so amazing.

Although the show is fiction it mirrors the reality of the real universe of the audience. The characters are so natural and full of complexity, just like real people, you can’t help but see yourself in them. Seeing yourself in these gender fluid characters that are not archetypes for what’s male and female is a way in which the show touches on the reality of the audience.

The Crystal Gems are not really male or female but their actions and looks can be understood as masculine and feminine. This duality allows for the show to explore what exactly it means to be a person. Although we are born with genders we do not have to be defined by society on what our gender entails and the show breaks down those barriers. Fusion is a prime example from the show on how they break these rules.

Fusion is combining two beings into a whole new person and this is best exemplified by Garnet a strong masculine feminine type of gem. Not only does Garnet demonstrate how feminine and masculine exist in one person but she also embodies what appears to be a same sex relationship of the two gems Ruby and Sapphire. As I said before Gems are initially genderless, they are often referred to by others and among themselves as female in the show, however their gender is up for interpretation. As a lesbian I’d like to think they are two girls and their relationship is a representations of a strong same sex relationship or just a relationship in general. This relationship isn’t seen as abnormal by any of the human characters in any shape or form and for a cartoon for kids that’s pretty amazing. Even my favorite character Pearl, who is one of the Crystal Gems that helped raise Steven, was in love with Stevens mom, Rose Quartz at one point.

The show breaks traditional barriers about what normal is, in terms of relationships and gender roles. The experience of finding one’s self and being tolerant and accepting, is very powerful. This show has opened up doors and reached a larger audience, than what was intended and I think that is a good thing. To resonate with so many people on a personal level and make them feel accepted is a beautiful thing. Now I know what you may be thinking, “It’s just a cartoon” but just like most things in our lives nothing is just what it appears to be and this show has not only touched my heart but I’m sure others as well and I think as long as something makes you happy and shows you the truth then what’s the harm in that.} else {