Cultural Connection

Intro to New Column/ Continuing the coverage of the violence

Miranda Martinez, Cactus Writer

My family is from Mexico; we are Rarámuri or Tarahumara which is a Native American tribe that is found in the northwestern part of Mexico. Yet, for five generations we have lived in old Pascua located in Tucson and worked with the community. We have family in the community, and nearly everyone in old Pascua and even New Pascua knows my family starting with my great grandmother down to my mom and me. With my nana working for the school for 50+ years, and my great grandmother selling snow cones to the community. My mother even works in the community at their elementary school. Even though both my mother and grandmother have worked in Pascua none of us claim to be Yaqui. Even with not being Yaqui or having my tribe based within the United states I feel strongly for all the struggles that all the communities face all around the 50 states. With schools not allowing native American dresses and traditions at graduation to the recent oil pipe incidents that continue to go undocumented. Issues within Native American communities all around the United States are being pushed under the rug by the media. And I plan on help bringing some of those issues to light.

The last edition I spoke about the violence against the peaceful protests going on in North Dakoda. The police have begun bringing in military grade riot equipment to try and stop this protests. Injuring many of the people in the process and arresting handfuls of others. Stars and even journalists are being arrested as well by the police at Standing rock. This last week actress Shailene Woodley was arrested during a protest in North Dakota against the huge oil pipeline project that will cross four states. This Divergent star was arrested at a construction site as she was broadcasting the protest, which involved about 200 people, online. A few days later US journalist Amy Goodman was arrested and is facing charges of participating in the “riot” after filming the Native American-led protests. Yet, even with this media coverage and even celebrity involvement they are continuing to arrest and assault these peaceful protesters who are simply trying to save and protect sacred land.}