Phi Theta Kappa Zip Lining Adventure!


Edward Aguirre, Cactus Contributor

Phi Theta Kappa is one of the most recognized two year honors societies on community college campuses in the US. The students and advisors work hard during the school year on more than just keeping up their grades. Phi Theta Kappa is about so much more. Members and advisors take part in honors research on ways to make their community better, participate in highway clean-ups, and find, as well as implement, ways to boost college enrollment and retention numbers.

At the end of every year the Central Arizona College Phi Theta Kappa members and advisors from all five campuses take part in a cultural excursion. This event is not just about gaining knowledge on the business or event they take part in, it’s about fun. This year the Aravaipa Campus chapter pitched a day of fun and adventure in Oracle, Arizona.

The 2016-2017 Honors theme our chapter will be researching and writing about is “Natural versus Engineered” (PTK, 2016). One of the subtopics we looked into was ways to bring people closer to nature without leaving a giant environmental footprint. Arizona Zipline Adventures fell right into the topic of possible research themes.

Emily, the owner of Arizona Zip Adventures was more than helpful. She answered all our questions regarding how the business was able to bring people so close to nature without leaving a large impact on the surrounding area’s wildlife. The Ziplines were carefully constructed with consideration to breathtaking views and winds. The creation of Arizona Zip Adventures took only two years when the idea of it was initially brought up.

Phi Theta Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Chapter got to experience the beauty and exhilaration of Arizona Zip Adventures first hand on May 18, 2016. There were 31 members and advisors who made the trip to Oracle, some driving over two and a half hours.

The members and advisors spent a very cool morning with light rain zip lining over the beautiful Arizona desert, hiking light trails that showcase the gorgeous mountains surrounding the zip lines. Members also participated in the giant swing, which emphasized team building as all our members pulled a rope, to hoist up someone to be launched off the giant 50-foot swing. Additionally, members panned for gold and of course, engaged in fellowship with one another. Everyone had a great time, especially with an enthusiastic and passionate staff.

Here are some quotes from our members who attended the excursion:

“The Oracle excursion was one of the best team-building and fellowship activities I’ve ever participated in. Everyone was supportive of everyone else, and there was much laughter and fun had by all. Thank you, Arizona Zipline Adventures and Oracle Inn!” – Heather Moulton

“ I had a blast at Arizona Zipline Adventures. The staff was very friendly and supportive (especially since I’m afraid of heights). I had my mind set on going to take pictures; but to my amazement, I was up on the zip lines! It was so fun and the scenery was absolutely gorgeous too! I’m ready to go back.” – Michelle Gomez

“My experience at Arizona Zipline Adventures was one to remember forever. The staff who work there were so kind and they did their very best to make you feel as comfortable as possible, and the zip lines themselves were an absolute blast.” – Cheyenne Dickey

“The experience was exhilarating, uplifting and overall very amazing. My experience has reminded me that whatever is going on in your life, things will always get better” – Anthony Parrish- Lacson

“Having this amazing adventure with my chapter, who are my family, was just wonderful! Through this excursion, I’ve gotten to know each and everyone and I can feel our love and happiness bursting with fireworks. I thank Arizona Zipline Adventures because I’ve never gone zip lining before and it was awesome ” – Kaira Natalia Cortez

“I felt like the Excursion was a good team building activity that that helped members encourage each other when we were scared of heights and created comradery when we hiked and zipped.” – Tigest Maru

The Alpha Theta Delta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa would like to thank Emily and the entire Arizona Zip Adventures team for helping us put together a great day of fun and fellowship, as well as the Oracle Inn Steakhouse and Lounge for accommodating our very large group for lunch.

If zip lining in the Arizona heat is something you’re not fond of, Join Emily and the Staff Arizona Zipline Adventures has began scheduling sessions during the night time, most recently at night during a full moon. For more information about Arizona Zip Adventures, give them a call at: 520.308.9350 or visit their website: To anyone in Southern Arizona looking for a great day of fun for the whole family we highly recommend a trip to Oracle, Arizona for zip lining, hiking, as well as great food at Oracle Inn Steak House. It is worth the drive!