The 5-day week Survey… Again?

Moriah Faint, Cactus Contributor

Last year, there was a proposal at a board meeting to take CAC back to a 5-day school week. When members of the Cactus heard of it, they decided to take a student survey, so that they could present the wishes of the student body to the Board. They took the survey to classes on every campus and got hundreds of votes. The majority voted against a 5-day class week.

Perhaps, like me, you put your vote down on that survey. Perhaps also, you had a little hesitation when you did. I know that I for one had a number of questions running through my mind.

At first, my reaction was “No way! Five days of classes? I need Friday to do homework.” But at the same time, I was thinking about the Learning Centers, Libraries and Testing Centers on CAC campuses. It would make life a lot easier at times if those were open on Fridays. And what about the students who live on campus? Don’t they need campus facilities open more? With these questions in mind, I decided to ask the Cactus if we could run the survey again – but this time with two questions:

  • Do you want CAC to change to a 5-day class schedule?
  • Do you want CAC to open Campus Facilities 5 days a week? (facilities include Library, Testing and Learning Center, etc)

Professor Tatterson, and her students on the Cactus staff, agreed it was a good idea. If you don’t see the survey come around in class, we will also be putting copies in the Library and Learning Center. Please do cast your vote. This is a great opportunity for the students to tell the Board more specifically what we want for the future of CAC.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);