Stranger Things

Sierra Lewis, Cactus Writer

Netflix original “Stranger Things” seems to have taken the world of “binge watching” by storm. A seemingly creepy show pulls you in and like the unknown monsters in the walls of “Stranger Things” it doesn’t let you go. Throughout the episodes we uncover the truly stranger things that keep happening and plaguing the town the main characters, four middle-school aged, boys, live in. The main plot of the show surrounds the disappearance of one of the four boys. Without giving too much away here comes my review of the show.

I appreciate the very 80’s vibes the show gives off. Making us feel maybe it is 1985 and we are watching the new mystery that comes on every Friday night, get your phone out and call up your friends and tell them to turn on channel 15 and come on over. Is the world so addicted because it does take us back to a simpler time? Throughout the show some say you might come across some pretty pointless characters, but I thought quite the opposite. I felt they all mixed in quite well and added the interest the show needed. You will not be easily bored because like many cult movies and shows you will follow a few different storylines all intertwined but still interesting on their own to keep your attention. The show will cover their own conspiracy theories and questioning private medical and government agencies,. let’s be truthful,we all love a good conspiracy theory. Give it a watch, give that homework a break and experience the “Stranger Things.”} else {