Out with the Old, In with the New

Kamille Ritchie, Cactus Editor

Another summer gone, and a new semester begins. While it’s unclear what the end of the year will bring, one thing is certain. Things are going to change. For instance, there are a couple unfamiliar names amongst these pages. We are graced with new writers! The Cactus always suffers casualties come graduation time, but they are in a better place now [University]. We always manage to find some great replacements. With new writers come new and interesting columns such as fashion, pop culture, and urban art. A little something for everyone. Our Maricopa editor, Dominic Savana, has created a new column called the Pulse; it will focus exclusively on politics and how our feelings often influence our views. Considering the presidential election coming up, expect to see more articles pertaining to the election.

We will also bring back popular columns such as Over the Rainbow, our beloved LGBTQ+ column. As well as Ask the Professor, a column devoted to answering some of the most frequently asked questions by students. If you are unaware, the Cactus also has a column geared towards disability, 404 College Could Not Be Found; take the time to check it out when you can. Another new development has occurred since we last met. One of our reoccurring columns, Rebecca’s Recipe Review, a piece dedicated to trying new recipes, will be under new management this semester. Here’s a hint, it’s me. With the amount of colorful and tasty recipes out there, I am really looking forward to writing these articles.

CAC welcomes its new president this semester. Dr. Jacquelyn Elliott begins this semester as Central Arizona College’s ninth president. Dominic took the time to interview Dr. Elliott, so be sure to check out his article. With Professor John Owens’s retirement, we now have a new Professor of Theatre, Christina Marin. As they say, the show must go on. One of our incoming writers, Hector Castellanos, has the scoop.

While we may have had several changes, the Cactus’s objective remains the same: getting the news out to you guys in timely fashion and hopefully, keeping you entertained. Until next time!}