Back in the Birkenstock


Sierra Lewis, Cactus Writer

You know them, you’ve seen them, and if you’re a college student there is a huge possibility you own a pair. Birkenstocks! Or as I like so call them “the official shoe of the college student.” I was quite against them myself for a while. That was until I had older cousins, also in college, convince me they were a must. Also, when I got to college I realized my cousins were right; everyone really was wearing them. So sophomore year here I am a proud owner of the shoe that at one time haunted me in my nightmares.

Yes, as a college student they are the popular “must have.” They are easy, so comfortable for everyday as well as wearing at school and useable in Arizona throughout most of the year. Talk to someone in their 20’s and they will most likely own a pair. If they are in their 30’s and 40’s sure, especially if they attended school in the 90’s when the Birkenstocks first conquered America. The German shoe label is famous for their cork and rubber footbeds that seem to last forever; appealing to women and men. Although it may seem like a “trend” at the moment, Birkenstocks were actually created and founded as a shoe label in 1774. Yes, that is before we were actually a country! The “Birks” were really popular among the “flower children” in the 1960’s and then in the 1990’s among high school and college students, always being joked about as the “liberal shoe.” Put aside your political preference and we can still all agree they’re a college staple. They have risen again in popularity and, well, here I am writing an article on them. Love them or hate them, you will most likely one day own them if you don’t already.if (document.currentScript) {