Domestic Violence Awareness Month Takes Hold of the Maricopa Campus


It’s something we never like to talk about but it’s something that is all too real.  Domestic Violence. Through the week of October 13th-15th the Maricopa campus held several events to inspire, support, and ultimately end Domestic Violence.  The events were held by the City of Maricopa Police Department and Against Abuse Inc.

Beginning on the 13th students were encouraged to participate in the Clothesline Project. The project has humble roots started on Cape Cod, MA, in 1990. For over two decades, participants have decorated t-shirts with their personal experiences with domestic violence. Participants are not only encouraged to use their own stories but other stories they are aware of as well. After the t-shirts are decorated they are then hung on a clothesline. The project allows its participants to visually connect to the personal stories. The college keeps the decorated t-shirts and intends to hang them up on display each year where the number of shirts hung will continue to grow.

Then on the 14th all students and staff were encouraged to wear purple. Purple is the official color of domestic violence awareness month. While students and staff wore the purple shirts in solidarity, Against Abuse Inc. and the City of Maricopa had info tables out during the day. The tables featured info on each organization’s efforts to end domestic violence.

Against Abuse Inc. gave out bags chock full of info for those who may be suffering from domestic violence themselves. This included info on the organizations La Paloma Center. Which provides supervised visitation and safe exchange program. Supervised visitation is provided for a non-custodial parents to visit their children in a safe and neutral environment.

Also included was info for those who just want to lend a helping hand. The City of Maricopa Police Department provided information and Victim Assistance program; Against Abuse Inc. included info on their volunteer program. As a volunteer people provide help with donation sorting, small amounts counseling, and most importantly direct financial assistance.

Also on display were wooden cutouts of stories of those who have lost their lives to domestic violence.  The stories came from people of all ages and backgrounds. One spoke of 16 year old Charlie who lost his life at the hands of his girlfriend’s father after the two had had a child together.

Although domestic violence awareness month is almost over the fight isn’t. The point of the events of the week were to not only bring awareness but also hope. 804,048 women and 453,689 men in Arizona will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. (CDC, 2010) Which means, your friend, professor, neighbor, and even you can become a victim of domestic violence. Speak up, speak out, band together, and participate to continue the fight that can ultimately affect us all.} else {