College Humor Comedian Appeals to Old and Young Alike


Monique Irish, Cactus Staff Writer

College humor cast member Adam Conover entertained, with his unique brand of humor, CAC students and surrounding Coolidge residents alike on the evening of October 2, 2014. The visibly extreme age gap was one of the things he amusingly acknowledged as he took the stage of the Blackbox Theatre on the Signal Peak campus. He had people laughing in no time, as he made an evening out of poking fun at society and some of the bogus things we are all socially obligated to adhere to, one of which being engagement rings. He humorously schooled the audience about the absurdities of engagement rings and the unreasonable expectation behind spending up to two month’s salary purchasing them, pointing out that it is really just a by-product of an advertising scam on the part of a major diamond corporation dating back to the 1930s. Even knowing this truth does not appear to relieve the social burden for people, which is part of the comic irony, which he amusingly pointed out. Much of his humor was witty and somewhat thought provoking, making him an excellent guest to entertain the CAC student population, and he did just that. After the performance, students lined up to get a picture with him and chat with him. He joked about his days in college which was Bard University, where he majored in Philosophy, and which he made seem quite suitable for his career in the comedy industry.  He has performed as a stand-up comedian for a while and has toured extensively, performing stand up at many colleges around the country. He also works as a writer and cast member of college humor which is currently an Internet sensation and a popular channel on YouTube.  He also is a voice actor for characters on the recent Netfilx series, BoJack Horseman.

We discussed what it is like to be a modern comedian in 2014, as well as the benefits of having the online platform as a successful tool to reach people everywhere as the internet grows into an increasingly influential aspect of our culture.  He says it is great for comedy and for exposure to vast audiences and offers great opportunities like never before. He likes targeting the audience of college age people essentially because our minds are still open and have a broader range of what is funny to us, and likes to incorporate knowledge into his material. His career in comedy started with a group known as Olde English back from his days in college and moved on to stand up and then to College Humor. He enjoys doing stand-up comedy performances for the personal feel of a live audience and enjoys his skits on college humor, where they can be viewed on YouTube by essentially anyone with access to the Internet. He has a series within college humor called Adam Ruins Everything, and takes facts and adds a witty comical spin to them.

It was an undoubtedly awesome show and turnout of students as well as the first couple rows of senior citizens, which made the show even more amusing due to the nature of some of his material. The show was originally arranged to be held in the Pence center but was relocated to the black box, where it gained a more personal feel to it. It was great to see such a positive student turnout. If you missed the performance, you can familiarize yourself with his witty works through the College Humor YouTube channel, his twitter (@adamconover) and/ or his blog: