CAC Welcomes New Librarians


Jonathan Zerby , Cactus Contributor

As the new semester begins, The Cactus, would like to let stu­dents know about our new library staff and the many features of the library at the Signal Peak Campus.

The library is located in the L building and is two sto­ries full of information; inter­esting non-fiction and fiction books, online databases full of academic journals and other academic research tools.

The library hosted an open house on the August 21st at which time I was able to meet and interview, Diana Almad­er-Douglas one of the three new librarians at Central Ari­zona College.

Diana is here to help students with questions as well as stu­dent research. Before coming to Central Arizona College, Diana worked as a resident fellow for a year at the Na­tional Library of medicine in Bethesda. She has a MA in information resources and library science from the Uni­versity of Arizona and special­izes in general outreach for students and counseling, and enjoys helping students find­ing academic research. Diana currently lives in Tucson and is an Arizona native and is originally from southeastern Arizona.

When talking to Diana she was very open to discussing how to help students with aca­demic research and wanted students to know they should not feel shy about coming and asking for help at the library. Students should really feel at ease when coming to the library and asking for help — and did I mention it’s free! The library has many ways to communicate with you; through calling, texting, on­line or general walk-ins.

To find out how to contact Diana, and any other librar­ians or just the library in gen­eral visit the CAC website and you’ll see a tab under student resources. Use this semester to take advantage of a truly awesome CAC resource!}