Apple Gets The Bends


James Peru, Cactus Staff Writer

Hold the iPhone! When Apple announced the size of its newest addition to the iPhone series, the 6 Plus, pockets everywhere cringed with fear, not only because the price of these monsters will set you back $299 for the basic 16GB model, but because of their physical size. With a screen of 5.5 inches, the phone itself measures 6.22 inches tall by 3.06 across. Lets compare that to something most people would never attempt to put in their pockets and carry around, the TI-83 calculator. Without the plastic cover, the calculator measures 7 inches by 3, making it slightly longer yet slightly slimmer than the 6 Plus. When I put one in my pocket to see how it would feel, I felt like I was stealing pavers from a home improvement store. So, it is no surprise that the phones are bending to the will of the pockets of owners, prompting customers to call this disaster #bendgate. But wait, it gets better, as in #hairgate. Customers are now complaining that the phones are pulling hair from their heads as they talk. Not only does this phone cost an obscene amount of money, it costs you your long flowing locks, one hair at a time. While reading this article one may think that I have some kind of biased against Apple and its products, not at all true. I love Apple. In fact, I am typing this article on a Macbook. I think Apple puts out great quality products, granted, for a high price, but they work well. But after this latest round of catastrophes, it is apparent that Apple needs to stop trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing and continue to be innovative and original. It has served them well in the past, and should continue to serve them well in the future.