The Passing of the Editorial Torch


Elizabeth Prankard, Editor, Signal Peak Campus

Welcome back to a new fall semester of learning new things and meeting new friends! The start of the fall semester brings with it a new season of The Cactus and the passing of the torch from Caela Fox to Elizabeth Prankard. Caela, you will be missed, thank you for all your hard work, and intrepid sports reporting! We are pleased to include your farewell editorial with this edition. Good luck at ASU!

This year we are excited to announce that we are in the process of moving The Cactus online, so you will have 24/7 access wherever you are. The hard copy will still be avail­able, but we are looking for­ward to the opportunity to have more current and break­ing news and events from all our campuses as they happen. If all goes according to plan we are hoping to roll it out mid-semester. Stay tuned! We have also created a new section, “Letter to the Editor”, where you, the reader, may submit letters to the editor asking questions or giving feedback about an article you recently read and your letter may be featured in The Cactus.

When offered the position of editor, I honestly did not know what to expect. But now, here we are a month into the semester and while I still do not know what to expect, I do know I am going to enjoy ev­ery step of the way while find­ing out.

If you enjoy writing, meet­ing new and interesting peo­ple, and are thinking about joining a group with dedi­cated, fun and hardworking people, who do not mind get­ting to the truth of the matter, then think about becoming a member of The Cactus Staff.