Lay’s Do Us A Flavor: Showdown in the Flavor Dome

Maricopa Campus Staff

Starting in 2012, Lay’s potato chip company has requested flavor ideas from its consumers. From the wacky Chicken and Waffle flavor to now beloved Cheesy Garlic Bread, you never know what flavor they’ll come out with next. So in the name of entertaining our Cac­tus readers. We came up with the idea to subject our Marico­pa staff to a tantalizing taste bud extravaganza that will end in either putrid disgust or pure euphoria.

The general consensus was to start with the most appeal­ing and work our way to what we believed to be the most dis­gusting.

Mango Salsa

Socorro: Oh god do you smell that? Right when you open it, it has a really strong artificial smell.

Reggie: (sniffs bag) Wow you’re right.

Melissa: (the first to actu­ally try the chip) Umm…that was…gross. Right when you bite into you get a mango taste but then it’s like a gross barbe­cue after taste.

Jesse: It’s interesting, there’s definitely mango in there. There’s some pineapple too.

Melissa: I tasted pineapple too!

Jesse: It’s not bad or gross It’s just interesting. I would like to try it with Ranch dip…

Reggie: I like the fruit flavor but then it turns into a chip? I don’t know there’s something crazy going on in my mouth right now.

Socorro: Oh…umm..I am not very pleased right now. I’m not sure if I like it or if I don’t.

Reggie: Yeah, it starts out fruity then gets really salty.

Socorro: It has a fruity taste, then it kind of evaporates into something different? It tastes like they made a Cap n’ Crunch chip and put a little hot sauce on it.

Jesse: Yes! That’s a really good description.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Reggie: Oh I’m excited for this one. I like anything garlic.

Melissa: It smells fine.

Socorro: What does it taste like?

Melissa: Like cheesy garlic bread. I guess. I would not buy it again.

Jesse: It just tastes like a regular potato chip. It’s kind of plain.

Reggie: To me it just tastes like a chip without salt. I didn’t taste the garlic, the cheesy yes, no bread either.Socorro: (sniffs bag) It smells like pizza crust, but doesn’t taste like anything.

Melissa: There’s a strong smell but not a strong taste.

Socorro: So cheesy garlic bread yay or nay?

Reggie: I’ll say yay.

Melissa: Meh…

Jesse: I’ll say yay.

Socorro: I say yay just because it’s normal tasting.

Wasabi and Ginger

Melissa: (immediately after tasting chip makes face of an unidentifiable emotion)

Reggie: You guys are going to think I’m crazy but the spici­ness reminds me of chili cheese fries or those chili cheese chee­to chips.

Jesse: I taste the wasabi but no ginger.

Reggie: Ginger is supposed to be like boom!

Jesse: It doesn’t taste bad I just don’t like the hardness of the chip.

Melissa: (tries another) I actu­ally like it after a second try. These are probably my favorite so far.

Socorro: I really like these. They kind of taste like Ramen.

Reggie: They make me want to have some sushi.

Socorro: Yes!

Reggie: I like them a lot. Would you eat them on a regular ba­sis?

Socorro: Yes I would. These are the bomb. They kind of tickle your tongue after you eat them.

Reggie: I think if you like spicy things you’ll like them.


Jesse: They taste like weak coffee but smell like good kettle corn.

Melissa: The powder that’s on them doesn’t taste bad. It’s just weird on a chip.

Reggie: I like to drink cappuc­cinos. These don’t taste bad just different.

Socorro: I’m kind of avoiding to try them. They smell like they’re coated in coffee creamer.

Melissa: Just try it, it’s not that bad.

Socorro: Ehh…(munches a single chip) They taste like a stale churro.

Jesse: Not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Melissa: I don’t really like it.

Reggie: You keep eating them though.

Socorro: I don’t find anything redeeming about them but I keep eating them too.

Reggie: Like Melissa said, the powder does taste good.

Socorro: Yeah I don’t know, I don’t think I was mentally prepared for that flavor.

 Results: Wasabi was the favorite for Melissa, Reggie, and Socorro. While Jesse enjoyed the Mango Salsa the best.

 UPDATE: Wasabi and Ginger has been announced as the official winner of the contest!