College Kids

Anthony Vega, Cactus Staff Writer

The blood moon refracting, the eclipse blooming, the wonderful scatter of constellations in the blackness; their light takes so long to reach us, their patterns continually erratic and confusing. The brightness of their lives is always sinking farther and farther into space. They burn out, and they slowly fade away, back into the Heavens that brought them forth. College children, you run around like obnoxious comets crashing into everything, but from your bright trails you can trace remnants of ironic beauty. We came to learn but so many have learned nothing. We came to listen but so many can’t stop talking. With the guilt and mistakes of our parents on our shoulders we forgive them and forgive ourselves for being born in such an awful time. The internet practically took away our ability to construct a real relationship. The circuits and the electricity are always online, deteriorating our languages and making us fickle with trends. All The mythical icons and figures we call celebrities became the closest things to Gods we have. The stimulants and the haze, nothing is ever good enough, we are cursed to live a life perpetuating the idea that we will always be bored and unsatisfied. There is no solution and there is no change to make, it’s just the way things are now. We make mediocrity a spectacle, we blur our friendships with forced social standards, and we perceive the world through the vision Facebook provides for us. It’s very hopeless now being a kid at this time, but whenever you feel down about yourself at least you can remember that we’re all just as pathetic as you are. We all have the same insecurities and we all project them in the same predictable ways.}