Student Volunteers: Alex Parra and the Arizona Hemophilia Association

CAC students giving back to our community

Melissa Sikes, Cactus Staff Writer

Alex Parra, 21, is a part-time CAC student who I wanted to feature for his volunteer work at the Arizona Hemophilia Association. If you are a CAC student and you have a volunteer story you would like us to tell, please let us know!
Sikes: What got you interested in volunteering for the Arizona Hemophilia Association?
Parra: I got involved with the Arizona Hemophilia Association through a connection with some of my family members. After seeing my family members attend an event, I was very impressed with the association’s mission and their motivation and determination to helping those within the community and those who have yet to join. I decided I wanted to be a part of that lifestyle and began volunteering anywhere I could.
Sikes: How long have you been volunteering at the Arizona Hemophilia Association?
Parra: It’s been about 4 years since my first event, which was the annual Holiday Party. Since then I’ve attended multiple events and activities both as a participant and as a volunteer worker.
Sikes: What do you do while you are volunteering?
Parra: There are tons of events throughout the year where I do different things at each. In some events, like the annual “My Nana’s Best Tasting Salsa Challenge”, I am on the committee for or-ganizing it, and I team up with the Field Management side to make sure things run smoothly through the event regarding supplies for vendors or salsa contenders, or making sure things just take off without a hitch. In other events like the Annual Walk, I join a team to raise money for walking with other people and try to raise the most donations. Events like Camp Honor, I am a counselor for the kids that attend the week long camp.
Sikes: Why do you think people should volunteer at the Arizona Hemophilia Association?
Parra: I think people should volunteer because it gives a lot back to the community even if they aren’t directly affected with a bleeding disorder. It is a great way to pay it forward, and some day someone might pay it forward to them. It also is just a good feeling when you do something for someone other than yourself, and it feels like a great accomplishment. Plus it looks good on a resume and applications and counts with community service hours, which is a big plus.
Sikes: Are there any events that you would like your fellow CAC students to know about?
Parra: There are tons of events throughout the year. Coming up on Sunday October 26th is the Annual Walk at the Phoenix Zoo. Definitely a good time, great people, and a good cause. Plus it’s at the Phoenix Zoo. Next March is the Salsa Challenge where we are always looking for volunteers for. Volunteer for around three and a half hours and get free admission to the event. Information can be found on their website at: