What You Need In Your Closet Now!

5 Essential Pieces For Every Closet

Socorro Carrillo

Oftentimes when shopping we have a tendency to purchase items that are one-of-a- kind or just “for that one event” — a polka dot dress that’s only used once or a fedora that was worn a for a costume party. Then because you have all these “one timers” you run out of things that can be worn again and again. In order to fix this problem you need to start with a few versatile essentials. Here are five must have pieces for every closet:

  1. Blazer

Why: I don’t care who you are; you need a blazer. Blazers are such a key item because they can be used in several ways. Want to look sharp for an interview? Throw on a blazer. Want to dress up a casual pair of jeans? Throw on a blazer.Want to engage in fisticuffs but don’t have a dapper outfit ready?  Seriously-throw on a blazer! The basic blazer should be black or a dark navy depending on what’s going on underneath. Always be open to fun colors! A red blazer looks great over a black and white striped top.

How: If a blazer is worn cropped it should be but­toned at the waist. A regu­lar length blazer should sit at the hips or slightly above where pockets would normally lie. As for sleeves, they should lay flat on the wrist bone, if sleeves runneth over cuff them or push them up to your elbows. Blazers are meant to look professional-lite, so keep it clean and fitted.

  1. Jeans

Why: If you don’t own a pair of jeans what kind of life are you living? Obviously not a fun one. Expect judg­mental nods in agreement from anyone reading this.

How: Jeans come in so many colors! From light wash to acid to dark, to choose just one can become overwhelming. In­stead, opt for a neutral dark tone; classic denim blue is the way to go. This way, if need be, your jeans can transition to different situations (day to night, lunch to date etc.).

  1. Black Dress

Why: You’ve heard it probably a million times before, “every­one needs a little black dress.” Fortunately or unfortunately (depends on how you take it) that old sentiment rings true. You can wear it for a fancy din­ner or even a business meet­ing. Dress it down or dress it up either way you’ll look great!

How: Again, dresses are all about fit. Make sure your dress fits best in the shoul­ders and your hips. This way you can be comfortable and shape the dress to your body. Remember the scarf? You can tie it around your waist to em­phasize your waist.

  1. Printed Scarf

Why: Remember, initially, we talked about versatile essen­tials? Of course you do! This is where they really come into play. A printed scarf helps add a pop to any outfit. Pic­tured is a scarf with a cat pat­tern, this whimsical pattern helps add a layer of fun. Don’t limit yourself to just cats, try polka dots, stars, stripes, or baby belugas — whatever your heart fancies! My one piece of advice; just don’t wear them all together…

How: Since a scarf is literally just a long piece of fabric you’re able to use it in an unlimited amount of ways. Tie it around your neck for a classic look. You can also use it as a head-band to hold your back your tresses on windy days. Don’t forget that you can also tie it around your waist like a belt to add shape to a loose shirt or dress.

  1. Oxford Shirt

Why: Oxford shirts are per­fect to pair with just about anything. Use them with a pencil skirt for the perfect presentation outfit. Layer an oxford shirt underneath a vest for the classic preppy look. You can also wear it with jeans for a more “put-together” casual outfit.

How: Oxford shirts can be a little tricky because the fit is so important. Buttons should lie flat against your abdomen and chest—absolutely no gap­ing spaces between the but­tons. If you do find yourself with a space, do not be afraid to size up. Oxford shirts look their best when they seem a little boxy. Make sure your collar buttons at the neck or lies flat. Do not let it stick straight up, if you do you’ll like business casual Dracula. Oxford shirt sleeves should fit very similar to a blazer. Sleeves stop at the wrist bone or should be cuffed. As for col­ors, try for neutral colors, like light blue or white. Oxford’s are meant to look clean and tidy and those colors are the best for that look.} else {