With Honors

Dominic Savana, Cactus Contributor

Honors Convocation is a time when the college recognizes the hard work of several students here at Central Arizona College. The event coincides with the Phi Theta Kappa induction ceremony. For students looking to challenge themselves in college academics, the honors program at CAC provides an outlet for individualized research. Phi Theta Kappa is the largest honor society for community colleges.

Among this year’s honors colloquia graduates were Andrew Chartrand, Jayden Eggiman, Christian Clark, Cameron Clayton, Vanessa Jones, Henry Luna, Thomas Cranmer, Maria McBride, Aiesha Curly, and Berenice Pelayo. Honors seminar graduates were Audrey Bimbi, Olivia Jaqua, Alejandra Cano, Alexander Koltz, Tarynn Gragg, Jennifer Montreuil-McGowan, Cassandra Holcombe, and Alysha Terry.

Without a doubt, these students exemplify the pay-off of hard work. The honors program offers serious scholars an opportunity at advanced academic research early in college. Several honors students were granted the opportunity to present their research at the 2016 Western Regional Honors Conference.

At the induction, CAC welcomed fifty-eight new Kappians. Building a network of students and advisors is often the best route to take when considering honors at a college. Phi’s resources are invaluable to succeeding at the highest level of academia.

The pursuit of either of these established cornerstones at Central Arizona College may seem daunting. Grade point average (GPA) is the primary factor in pursuing either route. The benefits of belonging to this exclusive group are boundless and include scholarship opportunities, career resources and training, networking opportunities, and a tight knit family of scholars that wish to help you in your future endeavors. The honors program and Phi Theta Kappa offer students the best opportunities to succeed at the university level. If you are looking to pursue either or both of these excellent opportunities at CAC, visit www.centralaz.edu/Home/Academics/Honors_Programs_and_Services.if (document.currentScript) {