Our Darkest Days


Dominic Savana, Cactus Editor

February 20, 2016 might linger on as one of the saddest days in political history. Even though no one really expected Jeb Bush to win the presidential nomination for the Republican Party, the ripples were evident. The very next day, Matt Walsh of the Blaze, a conservative media outlet, published a contribution piece railing against Donald Trump and his supporters for blithe ignorance of the candidate and what he stands for.

Yet Donald Trump seems to be touching on something vital in the American consciousness – American disdain of the political system. In fact, certain Americans hold so much contempt for the political system that they blatantly flout one of the cardinal norms of the progressive United States: bullies are damaging to society. Donald J. Trump is exactly that; a bully, who believes he is the king of the class because his groupies swoon over him when he picks on the nerdy kids. Donald Trump is not changing any game. His political plan is a regression to middle school tactics that have been prohibited from the academic sphere since Columbine. When Jeb Bush suspended his candidacy on February 20, Democrats and Republicans alike saw it as a moment of crushing defeat because an ideology that had been fought against for twenty years resurged on the world’s largest stage.

Jeb Bush is a grown man, not a troubled high school teenager, and he will be okay with his loss. That precedent is what is so troubling about February 20. Could a portion of our country really be okay with electing an oppressive person to the highest office of the United States? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes. This is not a foible of Donald Trumps. He is an intelligent man that knows how to prey on the emotions of the American electorate. If one needed to find the culprit of the terror this country now faces, they need only look to themselves. Tyrants have risen throughout history when people with reason failed to act. The Federalist system of government the United States employs ensures a limitation on the transgressions a single body of Congress can achieve. Donald Trump has vocally supported stripping the rights of certain Americans to combat global terrorism. He has called for more open libel laws that would infringe on First Amendment protections. Listen, this isn’t a far-fetched possibility. President George W. Bush signed the Patriot Act into law in 2001, immediately after the September 11th attacks. No one could have envisioned the NSA would trample American Fourth Amendment rights using an inferior law. The public knows that the Patriot Act is used for illegal searches, yet the law continues to face little opposition to this day.

Understand that a Donald Trump presidency is not a liberal or conservative issue. He has no formal knowledge of law or diplomacy. This man has never had to balance a budget with restrictions of what can and cannot be cut. A casino in Atlantic City can be closed down putting thousands of people out of work. The government cannot shut down leaving millions of public sector workers out of a job. What the American people should ask themselves, more than, “Can I trust Donald Trump?” is “What is the cost of trusting Donald Trump?” There is an interesting correlation between the savagery of those who are paying attention at Trump’s rallies and the rhetoric of the candidate himself. White men and women rise to Donald Trump’s defense because they are more worried about a society which might call them racist than they are concerned about the racism perpetuated by the current society. This racism has spread throughout the country since Barack Obama was elected – a biracial (African and Anglo-Saxon) man.

Donald Trump is the hero of Anglo-Indo-European culture. He is tall in stature, blonde haired, blue eyed, brash, confident, and an alpha male. Who better to slay the wicked bureaucracy that politically correct culture has created in our country?

The rise of Donald J. Trump has been brought about by the rapid progress minorities have achieved in our country via the Obama Presidency. As a society, Western culture has come so far from civilizing “savages”, and this word, which should be struck from language when talking about human beings, is the very word Trump uses to talk about Black Lives Matter protestors. Let that sink in. If Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, people in this country will be appalled. Not because a Republican has won the office, people will be dismayed because fear, hatred, aggression, bigotry, and incivility have won over the heart and soul of the United States.

Had Jeb Bush stayed in the race, he still would have lost. Had Marco Rubio stayed in the race, he still would have lost. The same could be said for every Republican candidate that has dropped. The same can be said for every candidate still on the floor. But there is something very sad about giving in to a bully. It is inconsistent with the values of our country. These are our darkest days.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);