Student Art Gallery

Signal Peak Campus

Taylor Slaughter Adobe InDesign

Elliot Johnson, Cactus Staff Writer

Another semester at Central Arizona College means the art and design students have a chance to show off their hard work during the semester in the student gallery. The openings of the student gallery are an event for Signal Peak. Guests, refreshments, and sometimes entertainment fills the N building’s gallery room for an afternoon of seeing what CAC’s students have to offer.

February the 24th, was the opening of this semester’s student gallery. Artwork from 2D Design, Graphic Design, Metals, and Ceramics were the main attractions for the show.

2D Design pieces were storyboards of Jack and Jill using shapes and little details for the story. Other 2D designs were two piece displays that went together and had different patterns in each frame. The ceramics students made their own bowls with some interesting shapes. Jewelry and metal work students made their own style of a pair of earrings displayed in the glass case. Photography students got to show off their best shots and how different each students eye is for taking a photo. Graphic design students always have very different styles in the posters they make. This time they got to make various concert posters for various artists. They do a good job catching the eye of attendees.

The food seemed to be a big hit with any guest that would happen to stroll by. Macaroni and cheese balls with a seasoned bread coating topped with bacon pieces were my favorite. The small dessert pastry with a graham cracker base and whipped topping was excellent. There wasn’t a very big crowd all at once, but many people stopped on by to enjoy the opening.