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App. Review: Lifeline


Rebecca Christensen, Cactus Staff Writer

For the last four days, I’ve been trying to keep an astronaut named Taylor alive. Taylor’s ship crash-landed on a distant moon somewhere in space, and he/she has been the only one to live through it. Somehow, my transmitter is the only one able to pick up Taylor’s signal. Sounds dramatic, right? This scenario is the basis of a game called “Lifeline.” Lifeline, developed by 3MinuteGames and Dave Justus (Fables: The Wolf Among Us) and was released in 2015. Lifeline has already been downloaded by thousands upon thousands of people, and is being talked about everywhere, from Gizmodo to the Guardian.

Lifeline is a take on the classic Choose Your Own Adventure Genre, in that you’re not choosing for yourself, but a stranded science student named Taylor (Taylor’s gender, being unimportant, is never specified). You, the player, get to advise Taylor on what he or she chooses to do after the crash, from exploring the mysterious peak in the distance, to figuring what exactly, is so strange about this moon.

Though Lifeline was developed in part to take advantage of being able to receive notifications for the Apple Watch, the game works well on iPhones and Android devices alike. You can choose to enter the app and read over what Taylor has to say, or help Taylor choose the next course of action from your notifcation bar. The notifications you receive from Taylor not only tell you what Taylor is about to do, but are often accompanied by anywhere from twenty minutes to two or three hours of radio silence as Taylor hikes somwhere, breaks open a galley door, or goes to sleep for the night.

I can definitely recommend this game to anyone and everyone because it not only had me laughing as Taylor said something witty, but near the end, had me teary-eyed in frustration when he was starting to give up. Lifeline is well-developed and has a very clean, good-looking interface, with quiet but borderline eerie music playing in the background.

Lifeline can be found on the Appstore, Google Play, and Amazon Apps for a dollar. It’s well worth the pennies you’ll pay, because not only can you play through the game once, but because of the nature of the game, you can play through it and choose different choices, leading Taylor down a different path.

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