Blood Drive

Donate to Save Lives

Marielle Ariete and Vanessa Lozano

On October 29th, students from the Superstition Mountain campus filed into a bus to donate their blood to a good cause. Students were able to make appointments to donate and walk-ins were welcomed with open arms as well. Of course, it’s recommended to eat before donating and you must answer a questionnaire to make sure you are eligible. Inside the bus, friendly greetings were offered and music played to help those who were nervous about donating. All in all, it was a genial atmosphere and everyone there was happy to help out.

It’s crucial to know just how important it is to donate blood. One pint of blood is enough to save three other lives and a majority of these blood donations help those in your local area. Through these donations, you’ll be helping a large number of people ranging from children to adults. And remember, it’s 100% safe to donate blood if you are eligible, so be a hero and donate!