Loaded Vaquera Basketball Squad Ready For the New Season

Left to Right: Cera Ledbetter, Keshara Scottbland, Brijanee Moore

Jonathan Jimenez, Cactus Writer

The success of the Women’s basketball club here at CAC is no secret. This year, the Vaqueras were ranked #14 in a preseason poll for NJCAA women’s basketball. With plenty of reason for optimism this season, we’ve decided to get to know some of these talented women on our CAC roster. With the blessing of Vaqueras head coach Denise Cardenas, I was able to speak with three athletes.

Cera Ledbetter, Keshara Scottbland and Brijanee Moore are all players for our CAC basketball team, and all hope to one day bring a national title to our school. Cera is our 20 year old, 6’1” center. Keshara is 18 years old, and at 5’9” plays small forward. Brijanee is the smallest of the bunch, and standing at 5’7”, she runs the point guard position. Each one of these girls brings their own unique style to the court, and each contributes different skillsets to the team.

Cera is tall and likes to play like a traditional old school center. She prefers playing with her back to the basket and possesses multiple post moves that make it difficult to defend against her. This includes a deadly fade away jumper from the post that can be untouchable at times. She doesn’t like to face up very much. However, she does possess a 10-15 foot jumper that you’ve got to respect and be aware of. When she’s got all of her moves going for her, she can be a nightmare to cover, with plenty of offensive versatility. She has drawn comparisons to the same styles of play as WNBA player Ashley Paris of the Tulsa Shock, as well as Danielle Adams of the San Antonio Silver Stars. Some areas of her game she hopes to refine are her court awareness, offensive vision, and defensive rotations.

Keshara is a bit of a prototypical wing player. Slashing to the basket, knocking down jumpers and playing tough defense are her calling cards, and make her a very valuable asset to any team. Her go-to move is attacking the basket with the spin move, though it can get her in trouble at times. She has drawn comparisons to NBA superstars Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs, and Paul George of the Indiana Pacers, as they all have the ability to control games both on the offensive and defensive ends. The areas of her game she hopes to improve are her jump shot, as well as staying aggressive on defense without getting into foul trouble.

Brijanee is an attacking point guard. She excels at penetrating defenses and finding open looks for her teammates. Her combination of agility, strength and speed make her difficult to stay in front of, allowing her to orchestrate the offense. She has modeled her game after WNBA player Chelsea Gray of the Connecticut Sun. She hopes to improve her ability to bring the ball up the floor against full-court defenses, and to maintain greater ball security.

Results on the court don’t come overnight, which the women on our team who have put in many hours of hard work to achieve this level of success can attest to. Cera began to play basketball as early as first grade, and also competed in track and field. Her dad was a football player and a wrestler, and pushed her to work hard from an early age. She hopes that her hard work and dedication one day lead her to the WNBA.

Keshara also began to play basketball at a fairly young age, first having played in the fifth grade. It was always clear that basketball was the only sport for her, and she never dabbled in any other sports. Her dad has been a big influence, always pushing her and guiding her throughout her basketball journey. She is hoping to push her dream as far as she can, whether it be playing overseas, or for a professional basketball team here in the states.

For Brijanee, sixth grade was when she began to work on and refine her game. Her dad helped her with maintaining her conditioning, while her brothers helped her polish her skillset on the court. They all pushed her to stay in the gym. Another sport that she played was volleyball, but her focus has always been on basketball. She hopes that one day this focus and determination will allow her to lace them up for the WNBA.

With a season already filled with high expectations underway, our Vaqueras continue to prepare and work towards becoming the best team on the court every night. Achieving this requires not only hours of work in the gym, but also the chemistry between each teammate. They attain this chemistry, and achieve a family-like environment by going out to eat together at least three times a week. All of these factors contribute to what should be a good season for Vaquera basketball.


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