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Rebecca Christensen, Cactus Staff Writer

There are hundreds, if not thousands of puzzle apps you can download onto your phone or tablet to pass the time. Often, they work with the same mechanisms, and offer no more than entertainment to pass the time with. If you like puzzle games, you may want to check out Atomas, a refined puzzle game based around the names of the atoms, as the name may imply.

In Atomas, the player taps, swipes, and combines atoms to get as high of a score as possible. This might make it sound like you need to know at least the basics of chemistry, but you do not. All you need to be able to do is match the letters on each atom, and arrange them in the proper order. To progress in the game, you create matching pairs, and if you can, a series of matching pairs that set off a chain reaction.

The game is a matching game; though it doesn’t look like some of the more popular matching games out there, such as Candy Crush, or Bejeweled, or Zuma. The interface is simple and polished, and the gameplay is easy to learn. Like most puzzle games, it is capable of capturing your attention and determination to get a high score for a long time.

In the game, you start off with simple atoms such as hydrogen, helium, and lithium, and build your way up to gold, silver, and platinum. There are a couple of strategies you can use to accomplish this, and one of the most effective (and most satisfying) ways to build your score is to set off chain reactions that take out half the atoms on the playing board. However if too many atoms end up on the board, it’s game over!

There are also leaderboards for you to work your way up, if you want to, and you can share your score with your friends via twitter and Facebook. Atomas is a fun game, and free to download on both iOS and Android. Atomas is made by Sirnic, and is funded by in-game advertisements, as well as microtransactions.if (document.currentScript) {