History of Apache Junction

The Secrets of the Museum

Vanessa Lozano, Cactus Staff Writer

The Superstition Mountain Museum is a quaint tourist stop suitable for people of all ages and families who want to learn the history of Apache Junction. Although it’s not a gigantic and extravagant museum it still holds quite a bit of knowledge for history buffs. It’s off of Apache Trail and Mountain View Rd on the way to Goldfield Ghost Town.

To get into the museum you first have to go through their gift shop that contains many cultural items such as Dia de Los Muertos ornaments and Native American jewelry that were beautifully hand-crafted. It is guaranteed that you will find at least one thing to take home from there as well as new memories of fascinating historical facts.

Inside, the actual museum starts off with a taxidermy display of many of the animals that can be found in Apache Junction, as well as around the state. It can be a bit frightening at first if you’re not expecting all those beady eyes staring at you, but fear not, the next display carried many geodes that were mined. The museum holds many interesting facts about the beginning of Apache Junction as well as the devastating tragedies found of the mines and territory wars.

The Superstition Mountain Museum holds many events as well as free days. So if you ever stop by Apache Junction, make sure to take some time out of your day to visit the museum and learn something new.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);