The Sounds of Signal Peak

For the Love of the Music


Audrey Bimbi

Marya Webster performing

Audrey Bimbi, Cactus Contributor

For some, music is the soundtrack to their lives; it is what reminds them of both the most beautiful and hostile times. Others use music as a way to escape; in what they may perceive to be a dark world, they are able to create their own world, a world where their imagination creates endless possibilities. If you are like me, you probably just listen to music because you just want to have fun and dance, or bob your head to something. Now and then, however, I just want to appreciate the talent that creates that beautiful music, and on the October 8, the Sounds of Signal Peak Concert gave me that opportunity.

Open to music lovers of all ages, the concert was held at 7 pm in the Signal Peak Pence Center for the Visual and Performing Arts. Although it wasn’t my first time attending a Sounds of Signal Peak Concert, I still looked forward to something exciting and different; new faces and voices. I didn’t have to wait anxiously for long, though, because the Music Director, Dr. Kim Osteen-Petreshock, came on stage to welcome the audience and commence the event. Dr. Osteen-Petreshock is the Professor of Choral Studies at the Signal Peak campus, and, based on the concerts that I have seen her direct so far, I would say that you are in good hands if you join the college’s music program.

The two opening performances were by Rochelle Ashcroft and Kennedy Anderson, respectively. Ashcroft’s rendition of Victor Young’s When I Fall in Love was the prefect pace setter for the night; it was so calm that by the time that Anderson finished her performance, I was already feeling calm and cozy in my seat. I had never heard Cole Porter’s Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love), but Anderson’s strong vocals really made me a big fan.

However, the most significant event of that night, for me, was the debut of the CAC’s new vocal jazz group, the ChromAtiCs. If you are a huge Pitch Perfect fan like me, you probably would have been fallen in love with the ChromAtiCs and their first performance, Cups. I tend to stick to the original version of songs compared to covers, but in this case, I didn’t: What the ensemble delivered that night was nothing short of riveting. Instead of copying the vocals that we have heard over a thousand times, they made the song their own. There is something captivating about people who take what is wonted and turn it into something unique. Who would have thought that there is this much talent at Central Arizona College?

As a member of this college, I take pride in what my fellow students achieve with the help of our amazing faculty. For every moment that I have felt like our location and size define us, I am glad that events such as the Sounds of Signal Peak concert are there to prove me wrong. We might be a small college, compared to others around us, but the size does not matter when it comes to the fight for recognition, it’s our determination to make a change for ourselves that makes us victors. As for the ChromAtiCs, I believe this is the beginning of something wonderful.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);