Central Arizona Job Expo

Gaining Information Through Education


Job Fair Expo at Superstition Mountain Campus

Vanessa Lozano, Cactus Staff Writer

When thinking of a job expo, you expect no nonsense people standing behind tables, with a serious expression on their face, but at CAC it was a very welcoming experience. There were businesses of all kinds ready to inform students of the possibilities in their field.

We approached a staff member,representing CAC, Ms. Bryant, who was there to talk about the WIA program to students from low income families, and we were greeted with a welcoming smile. She told us that the program is established to help students who are looking to complete their GED or who need financial assistance for college.

After our talk with Ms. Bryant we approached an employer who had many brochures and flyers on her table. She proceeded to tell us about her job working at Empowerment Systems, Inc., that helped others in finding a job as well as provide a place that helps distribute food to those in need. Her company is partnered with many other organizations such as: GVAHEC (Greater Valley Area Health Education Center), Arizona Coalition for Military Families, XClaim, Arizona Living Well Institute, CORC (Community Outreach & Resource Connection), and the Center, a place for health & wellness.

Our last stop was in the corner of the expo where two police officers stood with their arms crossed. Although they looked intimidating they were friendly and welcoming to our questions. Many people seem to think that becoming a police officer only means having to go through police academy, but we were informed that it is actually much more difficult than that. It requires a thorough background check as well as a drug test, just to start off. Some tests you would have to go through would be, a written exam, a physical fitness test, and medical exam. You are also shown difficult situations that need a quick response to show how well you handle stressful situations.

The Central Arizona College Job Expo is a great place to get assistance in landing a job as well as gain information on how to better your life.if (document.currentScript) {