Welcome Week: improvMANIA


Rebecca Christensen

Left to right: JC Carlson, Dave Specht, Andy Vega, Justin Kosisky, Ken Adams

Rebecca Christensen, Cactus Staff Writer

On the 26th of August, as part of this semester’s welcome week, a group of men from improvMANIA graced room T116 of the Signal Peak Campus with their comedic presence. Surprisingly, the room wasn’t packed with students waiting to be entertained, and when the show started, there were fewer than twenty people gathered in the room. “It sucks because they’re funny, but not a lot of people come,” said Audrey Bimbi about the small crowd.

This was the third annual show that improvMANIA has performed at CAC, and the lack of people didn’t manage to curb the group’s enthusiasm, which had the audience laughing loudly and regularly once the show started. With zingers such as, “I like to say I love you. I’d like to say that too,” and “apparently the equivalent for my love for you is worth a cat,” the group played their skits off the audience in a rather spectacular fashion.

improvMANIA not only performs at CAC, but also does so regularly at a theater in Chandler, which opened in September of 2014. They’ve performed at wedding venues and restaurants, and once, rather memorably, in someone’s foyer. Though improvMANIA has several troupes, the one that performed at CAC is made up of Dave Specht, JC Carlson, Andy Vega, Justin Kosisky, and Ken Adams. Impressively, two members are still in high school, but were just as skilled as the older members of the group.
It was a good night of fun for all that gathered, and hopefully improvMANIA will decide to brighten CAC’s halls next semester as well!