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Rebecca Christensen, Cactus Staff Writer

Seashine is a game developed by Pated, a “one-man game studio”. Seashine is a gorgeous and eerie game set in the deep sea world of one bioluminescent jellyfish. The player guides the jellyfish in a search for different light sources, such as tiny glowing fish or flowers, in order to keep it alive. The player must also avoid the hazards of the deep; from falling rocks to angler fish, as well as the other dangers you will find in the dark world of Seashine.

It’s a fun game to pass time with, and the intense, rich colors of Seashine are wonderful to look at. While you search for light sources, a bar on the top of the screen depletes as you go longer without finding any light, making for sometimes rushed gameplay, as the player rapidly tries to find more light before running out of time. Despite this, the game is fun, well designed, and splendid to look at.

However, the game’s beauty not only lies in its graphics, but in the music and sound effects as well. Whenever the player taps the screen to make the jellyfish move, piano notes sound off in the almost lulling, but still sinister beauty that sets the game apart from other apps. While playing Seashine, it’s easy to get lost in the music while swiping your finger around to guide the jellyfish.
Though it was originally developed as a level based game, Pated has changed the game dynamics to its current style of being a survival game with some simple puzzles, and is still planning updates to the game.

Seashine is free to download, and even though it has no ads, proceeds from in-game purchases (which are not pushed upon the player) are being used to fund a sequel of sorts for the game. You can download Seashine on iOS, Android, and Fire OS.} else {