Like the Spider to the Fly, the Library Encourages you to Come By

Rebecca Christensen, Cactus Writer

In the grand tradition of CAC Welcome Week, the library at SPC hosted a brunch in the hopes of encouraging more students to come and make use of the library’s resources. The library is often dismissed as a boring, stuffy place full of boring, stuffy librarians. This is not so at the Central Arizona College library at SPC. This is a library full of cheerful librarians like Bonnie Simmons, ready to help you find what you need, and to encourage you to come back. In the eternal words of Ms. Simmons, “we have croissants; so we can’t be that bad!”

The library usually hosts some sort of event during Welcome Week every semester, and this year they hosted “Brunch at the Library”. They set out a table of food, which included croissants, mini cinnamon rolls, tea, coffee, fresh fruit, and so on.  In addition, there was a raffle contest set up for school supplies. The library doesn’t always host a brunch for Welcome Week, instead, they occasionally choose to play a movie, and provide popcorn for students.

For new students, or even students who haven’t ever made use of the library’s vast resources, there is much to be discovered at the library. The library offers the usual items; novels, movies, audiobooks, and so on.

There are also dozens of computers that students are free to log onto and use, whether to just check your email, or do schoolwork on Blackboard. That’s not all they have to offer, however. “The library has databases, lots of online books, and access to journals, articles, and magazines, so that when you’re doing research, it’s a great place to find information,” says Ms. Simmons.

You can also use the printer for free at the library, if you need to print off articles for research, or a syllabus, or whatever it is you need. There is no page limit, but Ms. Simmons did say “we do ask that you don’t print off like, a million pages.” They also have a scanner that can scan documents and email them to you, or put them on a flashdrive, as well as a photocopier.

There are also two study rooms that students can use, either individually or for a group of people. You don’t need to reserve the rooms in advance, and can simply just go in and use the rooms. They have whiteboards, as well large monitors that you can hook up to wirelessly with a laptop, to make working on group projects easier.

As well as the study rooms, there’s also the Central Arizona College archives upstairs, though you do need to schedule a visit in advance for those.

The librarians encourage students to go to the library, and are always willing to help. Whether you need a book for study or leisure, a movie, or a computer, the library has many resources to offer, and is open to all the students and staff on campus.if (document.currentScript) {