Jesse Gollubier, Cactus Writer

Put away your magnifying glass and bring out your ten gallon hats, it is time for the place where everything is bigger — Texas! A state that can gain its independence whenever it wants, tells you what to remember, and has a really pronounced shape, is a place well worth a visit.

Do you remember? Well you should, it is The Alamo! This historic building is where 300 Texans held off a siege of 1000 soldiers of the Mexican army for 13 days during the Texas Revolution. Still standing today as a symbol of Texan liberty, and also a huge tourist attraction, this building is the main focal point of the San Antonio tourism.

Down the road you can find an attraction known as the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum. Full of interesting and bizarre facts and props, you can choose to not believe, or you can take a chance and believe that the fattest man in the world ate more than 12 pounds of food just for breakfast. You may also find some high end and mid end restaurants, as well as kiosk vendors, some of whom sell audio tours for The Alamo.

At night you may be surprised to find a few competing groups with some odd equipment. You just found a chance at some supernatural ghost tours. For a fee you can join a group and set off on a tour through the town. Equipped with divining rods and other miscellaneous electronics, you will be exploring through historically deadly areas for the chance at detecting the denizens of the other side.

As always be safe, drink plenty of water, and always inform someone of where you are and when you plan on returning. Have fun!} else {