Through the Looking Glass:

Home Stretch Edition

Elliot Johnson, Cactus Contributor

Spring Break is still one of the most anticipated breaks during the spring semester until summer, at least for me. Nothing like ruining your sleep schedule, relaxing in bed all day, and doing what ever you want. Rejoice students, faculty, and staff in the fact that campus was closed for an entire week before the end of the semester. Spring break was a time to de-stress from all of the assignments, projects and papers due. I still had a little bit of work to do over break but I’m enjoying it the best I can. Those of you who had to suffer through a midterm right before spring break, I feel for you and hope you all did well. Also, I hope everyone enjoyed their time away from classrooms. When I think about the spring break that occurred right after this article was published, I could only wonder how the kids partied back in the 80s. All I pictured were horror movies. The group of friends going to the lake or a cabin in the woods and one by one they disappear. But that’s just me. After the week of rest, its time to come back feeling refreshed and ready for the final half of the semester. Only about 8 more weeks left of classes from when we came back from spring break until finals and the end of the semester. Time for everyone to step it up a notch and do their best in their classes. Finals are going to sneak up on us and we all know someone, or can relate our selves to the person in the image. It’s not going to be you this year though, right? Let’s finish this semester on a high note and get those good grades. Just a little longer for those of you that are graduating.