Spring Into Health and Wellness

Destiny Vasquez, Cactus Writer

On Thursday March 12, the Spring Into Health and Wellness event was held by the Central Arizona Nursing program (club). The event was held to make the CAC community and the general public aware of medical issues and to introduce them to local businesses offering health services.

As I walked among the many booths that lined the fresh green grass, I couldn’t help but think spring had certainly arrived and the rebirth of new health as well. Some of the many booths at the event run by the students really tackled issues that face our society today. Some examples of this would be diabetes, which unfortunately is a real issue faced by many Arizona residents. There was also a booth about practicing safe sex which had an interesting little chart about how many sexual partners you encounter when you sleep with so many people. There was even a booth showing ways to find contraception and identifying locations for local clinics that could help with such issues. There was a breast cancer booth which included an interactive game and some information on how to do self-checks. These are just some of the many informative booths that were available.

Among the many interesting booths with useful information and interactive games, were several local businesses who were also there to promote health and wellness, including Corazon which works towards ensuring mental health and stability in one’s life. There were also some universities participating, including The U of A and they were promoting their free Nutrition Education program which is available to all residents of Pinal County. There were also dentists present handing out tooth brushes. Molar Magic was one of them which is for kids and young adults, and Sun Life which also does dental for young children up to age 18.

It was a nice turn out for CAC’s Health and Wellness event, with young college students and seniors roaming about to learn how to be well. It was definitely a very fun filled day, and very beneficial to all who attended. The Red Cross was even there to collect blood from all those healthy young Arizonans who wanted to donate for the greater good. So if you are thinking about getting healthy, spring, the season of rebirth and fertility, is the best time to do it. And with the very knowledgeable CASNA club on our side we are sure to Spring back into health this year.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);