An Evening of Harmonious Potential

R. L. T. Prankard, Cactus Writer

Marching out in single file to take their places opposite one another, clad in black with accents of red, they soaked in the heavy silence about them. Then, without warning, their voices rose in unison, resonating throughout the Pence Center to start off the beginning of the Sounds of Signal Peak. Boasting a list of varied selections and performers, the Sounds of Signal Peak conducted by CAC Professor of Choral Studies Dr. Kim Osteen-Petreshock began with great potential. The Community Choir started with two selections from the upcoming CAC theatrical production The Fantasticks, followed by the College Choir with a beautiful magical by Carlo Gesualdo and the song I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by Bono and The Edge. CAC student Stella Tarango performed the Diva Dance from the well-known science fiction film The Fifth Element, followed by Ryan Fairchild with songs of his own creation. Then, out came the jazz choir known as Desert Dissonance with Dolly Parton’s Light of a Pure Blue Morning and finished everything off with Fly Me to the Moon. Overall, the show was quite entertaining, with an attractive acoustic guitar performance and ear-catching trumpet a capella. The choral arrangements were well sung, and many of the selections were great fun. However, amidst the almost constant harmony of sound, there were a few eye-twitching moments.

Mainly, the volume of the vocals and the instruments were unbalanced, with voice almost drowning out the sound of the guitars or piano in the background. This has not to do with the performers, but rather the sound technicians. There were also moments when Desert Dissonance went into instrumental a capella in an attempt to replicate the sounds of a jazz horn, with less than desirable results. As for the jazz drummer, they were too focused on playing softly and kept falling behind or going ahead a beat, a problem which could be easily fixed by replacing regular drum sticks with brushes.

All-in-all, the Sounds of Signal Peak was a show which was very pleasing to the ear. With more practice, particularly on Desert Dissonance’s a capella moments, and a much closer attention to detail on behalf of the sound engineers, the many choirs of CAC maintain the potential to truly grasp the audience’s attention and hold us in awe. When the time comes for another performance, it will be with abated breath that we wait to see how far the many singers of CAC have come in developing their voices for all to hear.