Alex Koltz, Cactus Contributor

Over the past month, CAC faculty and students have volunteered for a string of Science nights, held at local middle schools, to encourage students and their families to get a little more passionate about science. Each science night that was held had a different underlying theme to the event. That way, even those who went to more than one science night event always had somewhat of a different experience and new content to see.

The events all had great turnouts, with hundreds of students coming out to see the amazing displays and learn a bit about the science that makes the “magic” happen. The energy across the schools was high, and it was inspiring to watch as attending families learned together.
All student engineers arrived to demonstrate how the different disciplines could come together and create amazing inventions, such as robots, remote detonated air cannons, and other such devices.

Participants from CAC included Professor of Geology and Astronomy, Wayne Prior, Professor of Chemistry, Diane Beecroft, as well as several members of the STEM club. There was also great participation from other members of the community, including: The Casa Grande Police and Fire Departments, Casa Grande Union High School’s Robotics club, and Vista Grande High School’s engineering team. Wildman Phil and Adrian “Spiderman” Fisher also came to the various middle school events in order to showcase their creepy crawlers. The audience was even allowed to hold a few of the less dangerous ones.

Overall the nights were a huge success, and CAC was well represented by the students and faculty, who gave their time to help further the education of others in their own local community.