The Link Between Vine & Music Superstardom

Socorro Carrillo, Cactus Editor

It seems like every day a new app, is popping up across the digital universe. One such app is helping bring new Artists to light. The app known as Vine has taken the world by storm. The app first introduced in 2013, has quickly become one of the top platforms for video, with over 10 million downloads and counting in the Google Play Store alone. The format is simple, you have 7 seconds of video you can share. Nothing more, nothing less. Many are using this format for short snippets of comedy but others are harnessing the power to shoot themselves into the musical stratosphere. Which begs the question how can one person become a viral star in just 7 seconds? For O.T Genasis, and indie players Us The Duo, that’s exactly what happened.

O.T Genasis, a rapper from Long Beach, wasn’t on anyone’s mind until his hit single “CoCo” came out of nowhere but also seemed to be everywhere. This is because “Viners” quickly took a liking to Genasis’s catchy lyrics and quirky performing. One Viner Brandon Bowen has 1.8 million followers, his vine “Christmas Raps: I’m in love with The Hot Cocoa” has been looped over 5.8 Million times. Bowen’s parody of the song isn’t unique; another popular Viner Anwar Jibawi’s parody has been viewed over 34 million times. Genasis’s success isn’t limited to Vine, for the rapper loops are equaling dollars. “CoCo” hit Billboard’s Hot 100 on December 28th, approximately 3 weeks after Bowen and Jibawi uploaded their videos. The release dates of these vines and the day Genasis’s song finally topped the charts is no coincidence.

Although O.T Genasis’s fame is skyrocketing because of others’ participation, Us The Duo’s success is much more organic. The husband and wife team consisting of Michael and Carissa Rae Alvarado have turned 7 seconds into a major label deal. The team began working together in 2012, soon after they had their first brush with viral fame through YouTube. Just a few posted videos here and there amassed 24 million views total. However, this would be nothing compared to the musicians’ star power once they began posting things on Vine. Since their first posting, the vine stars now have 581,913,549 views on their vines alone. The duo has been able to turn 7 seconds of videos into a Good Morning America appearance, a Burt’s Bee’s sponsorship, and even an album. The duo is actually the first of vine’s stars to find even more fame outside of the app, as they now have a recording contract with Republic Records.

Although Genasis’s and Us The Duo’s success stories are just two examples of the power of viral connections, Vine is just another building block in the equation that’s building today’s music stars. The combination of hits, likes, loops, etc. is revolutionizing an industry that’s been underwater for some time. The Internet has been looked to for the future of music, and it seems that 2015 and beyond will finally be the time when the predictions come to fruition.