Fact or Fiction

Mass Media Coverage of News: Cirque du Freak

Jesse Gollubier, Cactus Staff Writer

You have your media conglomerate ringleaders and you also have contortionist reporters who break their backs for a vain attempt at forming a solid story. However, we the audience are supposed to munch happily on our peanuts as we are fed sad excuses for real information. Because of this, I hardly ever watch the news anymore due to this charade of falsehood reporting.

This prevalent falsehood also stems from misinformation and not enough research into what is being reported. A recent example of this circus act was during the Celebrity Nude Photo Hack when a reporter posed this question to the general public, “Who is this 4chan person?” Although 4chan cannot be considered totally innocent, it is most certainly not a person. What it boils down to is that a simple Google search could have told this reporter that 4chan is a website devoted to posting topics anonymously to chat boards. Where is the responsibility of good reporting?

If reporters took the time to actually know something about what or whom they are reporting on, and take their personal opinions and the opinions of their benefactors out of their reports, then the news might actually be a relevant source of information. As it is now, it more closely resembles the Internet, where nothing can be trusted fully. Journalism is supposed to be a beacon for truth and knowledge and yet it’s been reduced to the meme-filled cat land of nonsense. Always take what you read or hear with a grain of salt. Do your own research on a topic before you form opinions on them so as to avoid being ridiculed by those that have researched and know the facts. This is not to say that reporters are horrible people, or that all news is fake and not to be trusted. But there is certainly a drought of genuine journalism. There are tidbits of facts strewn about reports that have an obvious agenda. We can no longer accept randomized tidbits tied together into a semi-believable whole. You have to be able to pick out those facts from among the chaos that is ruining good reporting. Demand more! And be sure to separate your facts from your fiction and improve the environment of information.}