Honesty On Campus

Elizabeth Prankard, Cactus Editor

There are very few honest and trustworthy people in this world, but on November  20, 2014 I was shown that CAC has one those few trustworthy individuals at the Signal Peak Campus. On Thursday morning after class I noticed I could not find my phone. I ran frantically around campus to the only two locations I knew I had been that morning searching for it. I was relieved to find out that another student had turned it in to the Business Office. Honestly, I had no hopes of finding my phone again.

A couple of years ago while in attendance at a different community college the same thing happened, I left my phone in the bathroom stall, unfortunately the person who found it was not as honest and kept the phone. Even reporting it to the school and asking for them to just turn in the SD card, which contained over 1000 photos of my children, did not work.

Personally, I would like to thank Sierra Evans from the bottom of my heart for her honesty.  Sierra if it wasn’t for you, I would have lost a very important appendage, I am deeply grateful.

While discussing the topic of this article with fellow staff it was brought to my attention that one of them had left their wallet in the classroom one day and to their surprise it was returned to them fully intact.

Next time you see a phone, a wallet or even a notebook, just remember that there was someone out there who was honest enough to return them to the proper owner once, and maybe if you do the honest thing and return it, then karma will be in your favor one day when you need it.